A Danish wedding…

To see a few highlight images from Søren & Mette’s wedding…. Click here

I had originally thought that this was to be my third wedding shoot… ever, but I somehow forgot about shooting a friends wedding in Saint Thomas…. another photographer, so, four weddings in thirty-four years of photography. For my photography friends you may find it fun to see the equipment used for the four events spread over all those years….

#1: Mamiya RB67 & Contax IIIa

#2: Mamiya RZ67 & Konica Hexar

#3: Mamiya RZ67 & Nikon FM2

#4: Fuji X-Pro2 & Fuji X100s

Some things remain the same…. the shooting is the fun part, challenging and interesting. The production of the final images takes time… and I think it actually takes longer now than it did shooting film…. I should probably streamline my workflow when shooting so many images.

The images in the linked gallery page were all processed in Adobe Lightroom. Nothing else…. although most of the images were shot with B&W i mind, a couple of sequences work better in colour.

The Fuji X100s… 50 images

As a photographic student in the late 80’s I used an old Contax IIIa with a 35mm lens as my “walkaround” camera… taking pictures every day and documenting whatever was going on. It was always loaded with bulk Tri-X, I would develop the film in Rodinal at 1:50… contact print and every couple of months look at the images to see if any caught my eye and were worth printing. Years later the closest I found to the feeling of the Contax or a Leica M4 was a Konica Hexar…. The Hexar was used for around four or five years before being destroyed on a climbing trip to Scotland… I used a Contax G2 for about three years before getting tired of the lack of support from Contax. And so to the the Fuji X100s, the closest I have yet come to having the same sort of connection with a camera since the Contax or the Hexar….

Fifty images shot over the course of the past five years or so…. I must of shot thousands of images, these are just a few of my favorite… for no other reason than they remind me that documenting our everyday life is possibly among the most important  things we can do as photographers…

Their first Christmas…

Christmas 2017 was spent with some of my Danish family. This year I were lucky to have my mum over to spend time with us and to enjoy the twins, Cassius and Maximus’s first Christmas…

A few reportage images from the evening

For the “photographers” :

I shot on a single Fuji X-Pro2 switching between the XF23mm & XF50mm. All images were shot at f2.0 1/60 and auto ISO… which was actually a mistake, I normally select the ISO at the start of an assignment and stick to it. Minimal cropping of a few frames and converted to B&W in Silver EFEX2. Despite Christmas colors being warm and inviting I still believe these images work better in B&W… 

Using Format